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Spider-man: With Great Power. (amazing Spider-man)

Spiderman With Great Power


Author: David Lapham

Spider-man: With Great Power. (amazing Spider-man) is a must own book. Written by David Lapham and it was published on the 12th of November, 2008 by Marvel. The child's book has 120 pages.

Following the spider-bite, ahead of the great responsibility! This dweeb's as significantly as his pencilneck in 'em! Income? It's a side of Spider-Man's early life you've barely glimpsed, written by David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Terror, Inc. #1-5. Surely things can't suddenly be this easy. Meet Peter Parker,"Midtown High's only professional wallflower,"a hapless young nerd suddenly gifted with great power - no strings attached! Collects Spider-Man: With Great Power.) with art by Tony Harris (Ex Machina )! Fame? Happy at home with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, but plagued by the bullies and mean girls of high school, see what Peter does when the bite of a radioactive spider provides him the strength to take the things he wants. Fast cars? Girls?


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