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Spider-man: New Ways To Die

Spiderman New Ways To Die


Author: Dan Slott / Mark Waid

Children love Spider-man: New Ways To Die. The author is Dan Slott / Mark Waid and the publisher is Marvel. The super hero book was released around July of 2009. The book is 192 pages long. It's dimensions are 10.16" Height x 6.69" Length x 0.51" Width and it weighs somewhere around 0.55 lbs. To buy a copy at the lowest price, visit the market link on this page.

THE THUNDERBOLTS are coming to New York to take down Spider-Man! Or would that be an all-new Spider-Hero? What kind of crazy, mixed-up globe is this? Spidey's Brand New Day will probably be changed forever! Spidey's a villain? or maybe which has something to total with Venom, Mister Negative, and also the birth of an all-new Spider Villain! Collects Amazing Spider-Man #568-573. Norman Osborn's a hero? Next factor you'll tell us is that black is white and white is black.


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