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Spider-man: Mark Of The Tarantula (spider-man (graphic Novels))

Spiderman Mark Of The Tarantula


Author: Roger Stern

Kids love Spider-man: Mark Of The Tarantula (spider-man (graphic Novels)). Written by Roger Stern and it is published by Marvel. It went on sale on the 10th of December, 2013. The book has 216 pages, select the hyperlink below.

Fan-favorite creators Roger Stern and John Romita Jr. spin a couple of of their most startling Spidey stories! It's mayhem, monsters, mutations, and mysteries! Plus: a soul-searching retrospective starring the stupendous Stilt-Man! Can Spidey conserve the day and shut down the corrupt corporation - or will he barely be able to escape with his skin intact? When one particular of Marvel's most terrifying tag-teams challenges the wall-crawler, it's Spidey vs. And the debut of Monica Rambeau, the second Captain Marvel, inside a scintillating saga guest-starring the Avengers! Then, Spider-Man investigates the sinister Brand Corporation, and finds himself caught in amongst the wily Will O' The Wisp and arachnid assassin the Tarantula - and 1 distinct of those two villains won't survive Brand's machinations! COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 231-237, Annual 16 Cobra and Mr. Hyde in a grueling grudge match of epic proportions!


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