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Spider-man: Grim Hunt

Spiderman Grim Hunt


Author: Joe Kelly / J. M. De Matteis / Fred Van Lente

In case you are interested in buying a children's book I've assembled very good info. Spider-man: Grim Hunt by Joe Kelly / J. M. De Matteis / Fred Van Lente is a good book. The author is Joe Kelly / J. M. De Matteis / Fred Van Lente and it was published by Marvel. It became available on the 16th of March, 2011. The child's book is 192 pages long.

Several years ago, 1 of Spider-Man's greatest enemies, Kraven the Hunter, stalked his final prey, dying with a violent, misbegotten honor. and Spider-Man's friends and namesakes are in their sights. J. M. De Matteis, author of the classic"Kraven's Last Hunt"returns for the Amazing Spider-Man with Max Fiumara to explore an unknown confrontation between Kraven and Spidey's violent doppelganger KAINE. Now, two ladies claiming to be his wife and daughter have tracked Spider-Man, by way of the urban jungle, weakening him by way of the Gauntlet while they prepare to attempt an unholy resurrection. Collecting: Amazing Spider-Man #634-637, Grim Hunt Prologue and material from Web Of Spider-Man #7 and Spider-Man Origin Of The Hunter. They're hunting Spiders.


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