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Spider-man: Ends Of The Earth

Spiderman Ends Of The Earth


Author: Dan Slott / Brian Clevinger / Rob Williams / Ty Templeton

The author is Dan Slott / Brian Clevinger / Rob Williams / Ty Templeton and it is published by Marvel. This went on sale sometime in 2013. The book has 192 pages. Give some thought to the following tips and you will probably really like reading books. You could get as innovative as you choose with the experience in your mind. It will probably put you amidst the enjoyment and charm of the children's book. Buy a copy of this super hero book, click on the market add to cart button.

Dr. Octopus is dying. 1! But not Spider-Man. But in his final days, he has developed technology to repair the ozone layer. Unfortunately, that sets him - not Octavius - as Global Enemy No. COLLECTING: Ends of Earth 1, Amazing Spider -Man 682-687, Avenging Spider -Man 8 How can Spider-Man conserve the day when Doc Ock, the Sinister Six and, indeed, the whole planet, are intent on hunting him down? Burned countless times inside the past by his archnemesis, Spidey's not ready to accept Doc Ock as a selfless benefactor. Guest starring the Avengers, Silver Sable, Big Hero 6, Union Jack and significantly more! He says all he wants is normally to be remembered forever as the human race's savior, and it seems the planet is ready to play along with him and his Sinister Six.


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