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Spider-man: Big Time: The Complete Collection Volume 2

Spiderman Big Time The Complete Collection


Author: Dan Slott / Todd Dezago / Christos Gage / Fred Van Lente

Your child will love Spider-man: Big Time: The Complete Collection. Written by Dan Slott / Todd Dezago / Christos Gage / Fred Van Lente and it is published by Marvel. The book was available on bookshelves sometime in 2013. The book is 448 pages long. Whilst reading is one thing of which anyone can enjoy, you will discover surely many ways you could make the enjoyment greater. Lots of people point out they never sufficient time to read, but reading is yet another fantastic usage of time, particularly with the proper book. Buy a copy of this book, click on our store add to cart button below.

Dan Slott's Spider-Man revolution continues! Eddie Brock is back, and trying to turn into a hero as Anti-Venom. Can Spidey play world-saving super hero while the Big Apple gets eaten alive from the inside out? Then: welcome to Spider-Island, where a million New Yorkers suddenly possess Spider-Man's powers! And what secret scheme does the Jackal have up his sleeve? Plus, even as Dr. Octopus and his Sinister Six face the Intelligencia, the Vulture returns - getting a band of ruffians! But even as Eddie and Spidey tentatively team as substantially as take down Mr. Negative, they have to figure out if the returned Wraith is friend or foe! COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man 663-677, Amazing Spide r-Man Infested 1, Free Comic Book Day 2011, Spider-Island: Deadly Foes 1, Daredevil 8, Spider-Island Spotlight


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