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The Amazing Spider-man Reusable Sticker Book

Amazing Spiderman Reusable Sticker

Marvel Press

Author: Disney Book Group

Amazing Spider-man Reusable Sticker is the right children's book. The author is Disney Book Group and it was published in June of 2012 by Marvel Press. The book has 16 pages. Picture yourself as being the leading character, questioning along with struggling to find a answers. Whilst you read, think about the actual dilemma inside of your head.

Discover the webbed world from the Amazing Spider-Man in this sticker-activity book featuring Peter Parker, Spidey, and also the Lizard! Learn of Spider-Man's pals and foes. Learn what lurks in the sewers of New York City! Match your favorite wall-crawler to his super hero badge and icons. Plus, there are two-pull-out posters of your favorite Super Hero and his arch-nemesis, the Lizard!


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